M6 زلزال الضحلة قرب جزيرة كريت، اليونان (تصنف الآن أعمق)

A M6 earthquake with depth 10km has hit Crete, Greece.
This has now been changed to a M6.2 and 64km depth.
Further details to follow.


  1. سارة يقول:

    Please, can anyone tell me the damage level there in Crete? I have family that lives there and I am very concerned!!!

    • أرماند Vervaeck يقول:

      Sarah, No problem. There is NO damage at all. The epicenter was deep enough and at a safe distance from the island. So, nobody got hurt and no damage was inflected.

  2. m georgiadis يقول:

    How come the earthquake was north of Heraklion I live in Daratso just 5 minutes out of Chania and felt my house shaking and all my lamps were swinging. While my friend lives in Panormo the other side of Rethymno closer to Heraklion than to Chania felt nothing.?

    • أرماند Vervaeck يقول:

      Indeed, does not look normal because the distance of your house is closer to the epicenter than your friend's house. The surface where your house is build on can be the main explanation. Houses build on a rock underground are resisting an earthquake better than those standing on softer ground.